Laken Nix | Business Coach


I'm a Business Mentor & Simplicity Strategistβ„’. I help you build a profitable online business & a purposeful platform while keeping your focus on what really matters. 

Because I want you to be rich. 

Rich in freedom. Rich in joy. Rich in experiences. Rich in love. Rich in life. 

And yes, rich in your bank account.

My mission is to help you earn more money, in a purposeful & value-centered way, so that you can be a blessing to others. I want you to have a platform on which to share your message, because I believe it needs to be heard.

You've got big dreams, grand plans, & an itch for freedom. You want so badly to have a successful business & in your heart, you believe it's possible. But you're stuck in that dreaded Comparison Trap. You're signing up for all the freebies & your Downloads folder is overflowing. You find yourself sacrificing the very things you want to prioritize -- your family, your freedom, your wellness -- because you feel like you can't take a break. And you end the day feeling totally overwhelmed & exhausted from trying to do #allthethings. 

I feel ya, sister.

Through my coaching programs, I help big-dreaming but totally overwhelmed female entrepreneurs get super clear about what their purposeful business looks like & exactly where they need to be focusing their precious time & energy so they can make what matters happen. I don't believe in sacrificing the things that matter most in order to make your career successful. But I do believe it's possible to create a successful business & life by finding your soul-fulfilling purpose, creating a simplified business strategy, & taking intentional action.

Let's do this! 

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